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{ February 19, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

hmmmm.. dugay mn ko wla ka post ba….
It’s been quite awhile that i had a chance to visit my blog.
despite of the busy(echos) schedule and lots of paper works to do, i again got the chance to pour my thoughts out here in my blog page.I just realized lots of things after a long while of observing.
there are still many people who kept on coming to you when they need you, but in the end you’ll see that they are not even thankful about it. It’s like they’re just taking you for granted. Although i don’t give much attention to it, it just seems so sad that your efforts were still useless. Not that your trying to make them count, the thing i just want to consider is what I call gratitude. A little appreciation wont hurt. But admiration for what others did will actually boost them and let them continue doing what they do best.I do believe many will agree on that.for all the experience i had in my college life, the org, my classmates, all the activities and other extra curricular, i guess as what some of my classmates just said and my mom as well, i really did let others depend on me too much, instead of teaching them or letting them do their task, i guess i was too nice to even do it for them instead of just guiding them.In fact, we’re the same busy students, yet i get to do the task not intended for me, and set a side my priorities for them to be accommodated.. ones is enough, twice is too much. Not that helping is wrong, but letting them depend on you and making you do most of the work intended for them is the one that’s not right. I already graduated from college yet, i’m still binded to it. Thinking it will be appreciated, with the heat of the sun, the waste of money, waste of time, my mother scolding, and others telling me the same thing just like before, letting them depend. I guess not everyone knows how to appreciate. But for all those, and for quite a long time, this is the only time i realize, i really need to learn my lesson, and well, keeping a bit of a wooden heart for all the begging and the favors. Saying NO, must be a NO and not a yes or an OK…
again.. a Lesson learned.. SAY NO…

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