Monday, November 8, 2010



Imagine this. In your hand is a very precious creation, so fragile, so valuable that if you keep on holding, it would either stay or fall apart. But you loved this creature so much, so much that letting it go would be like letting go of you...r life as well. So much that sometimes you wished it would be forever. So much that you tend to be selfish at times so as you could make it stay for as long as you like. Don’t we all wish something “so good” could be forever? Don’t we all hope that happiness is there to stay?

There comes a time in our lives when we stumble on a person that is someone “so nice” and “almost perfect” and we just find ourselves getting so intensely attracted to that person (sometimes without even realizing it). This feeling soon becomes a part of our everyday lives and eventually guzzles our thoughts and actions to the extent that we tagged it as one of those what we say “too good to be true” thing.

The sad part there is when we begin to realize that, this particular person feels totally nothing ……….. A “thing” that would be forever a “thing” nothing more, nothing less… just a thing! You’re just another person for him/her, and that’s the fact! Then in our desperate attempt to get closer (or at least be noticed), our efforts are still futile and we end up sorry for ourselves.

One person said, never ever let your heart run your life, as much as you can, always be sensible and let your mind speak for itself. Try to listen not merely on what your feelings is invoking on you as a person but more importantly listen to reason as well.

Letting go of someone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop loving, it only means that you have to let that person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back. Letting go is not just setting the other person free (in the real sense of it), but it is also setting yourself free from all animosity, revulsion, and resentment that was long kept in your heart. You have to let go because the bitterness that often puts away the strengths and weakens the littlest hope, making our lives more miserable than ever. Worst, presenting yourself as the “most affected one” sets the nastiest impression of all time—"what a loser"!

The trick there is… always remember that if you lose someone today, it means that someone better is coming tomorrow…

We can all survive with just beautiful memories of the past but real peace and happiness comes only with open acceptance of what reality is today. You really don’t have to forget someone you love (‘cause it’s hard). What we need to learn is how to accept the verdict of reality without being bitter or sorry for what we have become. I think it’s better that we give off that dedication and love to someone more deserving. Hmmm… “Who could it be” is the next interesting question to ponder. Let go of yesterday and love will find it’s way back to you. And when it does, pray hard that it may be the love that will stay and last a lifetime…



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