Monday, April 28, 2014


I've been feeling physically, mentally and emotionally tired lately..

I feel like I need a break. a break from work.. a break from all the stress at work.

Even just a day for myself where I don't need to worry about anything..

A day to be lazy and worry free, and away from the heat of the sun.

Or maybe even just a day at home. Where I won't be doing anything.

A Day where I can wake up late, or maybe not that late but a day where I can sleep early.

It'll be a day where I'll be dead asleep by 10PM. No task to worry for the next day.

A day with no activities that would include long walks. No travel whatsoever. Just plain lazy day.

Maybe watch movies or whatever is available on TV.

Have a lazy sleep in the afternoon for about 2 hours or more, not just a 15minute nap.

A day where I can indulge myself with books, just anything non-work related to read.

My weekend is busy, and so are my weekdays.

I wonder how other people can have a worry free life or maybe a worry free work, and I don't?

I wonder why I'm currently feeling this way?

Is this because I don't love my job anymore?

But I think I do. I feel like I do, and that I just need a break.

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I really need a day like that.

And I'm thinking...

The next time I'll feel sick, I wont push my self to work.

Event if I still can make it. I'll just phone in sick and relax at home.

Ah! that seems to be an awesome idea for a break.

Maybe tomorrow? ;)