Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wishing You Happiness

I want you to be happy..

I don't know how..

but that's what I want you to be..

I'm really sorry..

move on..

someone better is prepared for you...

the past is over..

stop reminiscing it.

stop recalling what has been..

stop thinking about the mistakes..

it was my choice..

it was my fault..

you forgave me..

and still, it hurts thinking how I made you feel..

it still hurt thinking how I was able to do it to you..

to end it was agonizing..

but it's for the best.

what is not meant to be is not meant to be.

take it..

it's painful I know...

but that's the truth..

think of the better things you can have,

and can be.

you have always been so good.

i know..


that's why I want what is best for you..

you know that..

what we had was special.

but that's just what it was..

and will remain as that..

more like a beautiful dream..

just a dream..

but never a reality..

let's move on..

forget the past..

and create a new and better future.

much better than what we used to dream of,


I wish you happiness...

I always have..

and always will be..

forgive me.


  1. nakakalungkot naman ang post na ito...

    dalawang bagay lang ang aking hiling sayo... sana ay magbalikan kayo o kaya mag move on ka na....

    marami ang isda sa kapasigan....

    let me teach you how to fish...

    happy holidays sayo... cheer up!

    1. natawa naman ako sa comment mo.. sana sa manila bay naman.. ayoko sa pasig.. choosy much hehehe.. naisulat lang sa biglang bugso ng damdamin.. chos! hehehe

  2. ayun oh! umeemo hehe.. move na!

    happy new year :)

    1. hahaha,, tribute yan.. happy new year rin!

  3. naku ang sad naman. Suggest lang basahin mo ito tapos may bakground music na I Can't Make You Love Me by Bon Iver. Happy New Year! sana Happy New Lovelife din sayo this year.

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