Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deep Inside

Sometimes you're doing things beyond your control.
You weren't forced to do it. But you did it.  It's your
emotions that dictates your actions. And then
you'll get confused. You'll keep on thinking why.
You know what's right and what's not. But It seems like
you don't know how to choose between those two.It's like
you're trying to justify the wrong to be right. Yet you know
what you're doing is wrong, and it means you're gonna hurt someone
in the end, and also be hurt from what you did. It may be easy at first
but then you'll start to realize that its getting harder and harder.
More difficult everyday. you become more attached. but then
you still know deep inside you that it shouldn't be. It mustn't be.
you know the consequences it will bring. You know that in the end you'll
be suffering. you know that in the end it will hurt a lot. you keep on
making yourself believe that nothing's going to happen. Pretending that
everything will be ok. Thinking that it will be easy. Forcing yourself to
believe that your actions are justifiable. But deep inside you're confused.
you're trying to break free from the problem you made. Wanting and wishing
that you should have not done it in the first place.But you know part of
you is happy for doing it. 

Still... you don't know what to do... you don't
know what steps to take. To either pursue it.. or to stop. To let go or to
hold on... To keep it or to put it away.. to nurture and cherish or to stop it from


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