Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Bus Ride (Ayala Bus Station)

When reaching the Ayala Bus station, usually at peak hours around 5pm - 6:30 Pm. There are indeed a lot of bus waiting for passengers to get in. You can see buses heading to MOA (Mall of Asia). Bus heading MIA, FTI busses, Sucat and a lot more. The one I'm riding on is the SUCAT/BICUTAN bus. There are only few buses heading to Sucat. During those peak hours when that SUCAT/BICUTAN bus arrives at the station, its usually full of passengers. Being able to get a seat will be one of your lucky days. Passengers don't wait on the waiting lane anymore. You can see a crowd of them from a distance, at the bus entrance to the station. You can usually see passengers running to the bus once they begin to see one. Its like a giant being invaded by small people. or a big insect being invaded by ants. Doing everything they can just to get inside the bus. Gender is not being considered, nor does age. People don't care whether you're a male or a female, or maybe a senior citizen given a priority, or a kid trying to get in the bus. The only thing they have in their mind is to be able to get in the bus, and be able to get home as early as possible, so as not to be able to be caught in the traffic.Being a gentleman? well it's seldom you can find one. You have to consider people are tired from work. They wont be able to consider anything but themselves. All in all I find it fun and amusing. =). gotta catch that bus!!!

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