Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Over a Cup of Coffee and Some Tiger Biscuits

Just had a cup of Nescafe 3n1 and a small pack of Tiger Energy Biscuit.

Had a chance to sit alone on the conference room drinking my coffee and eating my biscuits.
I just felt really cold inside the office. The aircon is really uncontrollable. It has only two temperature. HOT and COLD. Unlike others that the temperature can be adjusted. The coldness can really make you feel sick after leaving the office or going out in the Sun. I guess that is also one of the major cause of my sickness that i suffered for 2weeks. I felt better after the 4days vacation. Thanks to Holy Week!!

After typing all the descriptions of the DB tables,  which I was asked to do, I grab my Starbucks mug, given by my good Friend, Christine, took with me a piece of botchi, (kakanin made of coconut and I don't know what else, but taste very good) which i bought from a vendor who has become our suki for our merienda, and of course a small pack of Tiger Biscuit. I took a 3n1 Nescafe Coffee mix, pour it on to my Mug, and poured hot water, mixed and off I went inside the conference room. Sat on the table and had my snack. It's really quite nice to be alone sometimes. It made me think of how loud and quite I can be. Not only that, It was also another reason for me to get away from that very very cold office. While having my snack, I was also texting my special someone. Yeah.. my special SOMEONE. Haven't seen him for days.. And after work later, I have another change of seeing Him again.. its like Near yet so far drama. Then I can tell I really did miss him that much.
After some thoughts coming in and passing out of my mind, a few gulps of coffee, some bites of that delicious botchi, and several crunch of the Tiger biscuit... then i realized I'm done having my merienda. Cleaned my mess and back to my work station. and here I am.. typing this. 

O well... that's just some thought that dropped into my mind..

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