Monday, March 22, 2010

Cherry Mobile P2

Just bought a Cherry Mobile P2 last night. I did not intend to buy it, but I don't know what got into my mind when I saw it and knew its the last one.. I bought it for 1200 instead of 1290. ahahaha.. crazy me, I beg for the sales clerk to sell it to me for 1200 only.. imagine asking for a discount in a mall?? and I was thankful and very happy he did. I was actually thinking of buying a P1. but well.. just added like 200 and got a P2 besides P1 is always out of stock. It has more features than that of P1. Colored display, FM radio, Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, Games, Loud Speaker, Phone Memory for messages and for phone books. all in all.. the price is just OK with all its features. when I saw it and tried testing it I was very excited and I find it really cute!! As in super cute!!! it has nokia compatible battery. the BL4C. that’s one think i find it really good.. it can be charged with a USB charger. The package comes with a battery, earphones, charger, a manual and of course the 1year warranty card. its really very easy to use. the volume it not that good but very acceptable. haven’t tried calling yet though.
the bad thing I noticed about it is the annoying sound when it notifies you that a message has been sent and that it has been saved also (it has sent items). I find it annoying since I cant turn it off. I tried all the settings but none worked. i set it on silent mode but the sound is still there. (talking about silent mode but not silent at all). It doesn’t vibrate either(but that’s fine with me.) and the screen. it has a hang time. don’t know if that’s what it is. but there come a point that all the menus got jumbled and the letters are like overlapping. don’t know why and how…. but that’s what it is.. still bearable though. all in all I rate it 4.5 / 5! really hate the sound it makes… hopefully it can be turned off…

When it comes to the size, well there’s just a small difference between the size of the P1 and the P2… P2 is about a centimeter longer than that of P1, but P1 is about a centimeter wider than P2. I also find P1 a lot cuter and more toy like than P2.. sadly im having a hard time looking for it…


  1. i can't figure out how to turn it silent.. i can't find the profiles.. can you help me with it? im begging you..

  2. the beeping sound when sending a message cant be turned off... you can try pressing the # sign or the * sign. I forgot which one. coz i broke mine when i accendentally dropped it flat on the ground which broke the LCD. try checking the profiles. =). wish you luck!